Clerk of Courts

The Clerk of Courts is the record keeper for the Ottawa County Common Pleas Court.  Court records are available online as well.

The Clerk of Court’s website is available here.

315 Madison Street, Room 106B
Phone: 419-734-6755
Fax: 419-734-6875

Email and Email Filing:

Please see below for common filing fee information:


Administrative Appeal $350.00
Application for Garnishment $100.00
Complaint (Civil) $350.00
Complaint (Foreclosure: additional $500.00/parcel at sale $750.00
Complaint(Divorce, Dissolution, Annulment, Legal Separation) $500.00
Cross Complaint, Counterclaim or Third Party Complaint $300.00
Issuing Order of Sale (per parcel) $500.00
Malpractice Suit $350.00
Notice of Appeal to 6th District Court of Appeals $175.00
Out of County Subpoena $50.00
          Tender of fee (each half day) $6.00
          Mileage to and from (per mile) $0.10
Personal Service Requested $100.00
Recording Certificate of Judgment $66.00
Release/Dismissing Certificate of Judgment $5.00
Release of Tax Judgment $56.00
Reopening Any Case $300.00

If you need audio of a hearing, please complete and file the Audio Request Form with the Clerk of Courts.  There is no longer a Court Reporter on staff.  If you require a transcript, you must request the audio and locate a Court Reporter to complete the work independent of the Court.