Public Health Alert

If you have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, believe you may have been in contact with someone who has been exposed, or if you feel ill, please contact the Courthouse prior to your visit.

Updated 02/18/22

    • Effective February 22, 2022, employees, visitors, and members of the public will no longer need to wear a face while conducting business with the Court.
    • County buildings do not require appointments in general, however, there may be some departments that prefer to maintain appointments for their office and can do so at their discretion. Other county agencies may be required to follow other mandates (Riverview Healthcare Campus and Senior Resources, for example) and will abide by those guidelines for their operating procedures. Staff are working and available at the Courthouse during business hours.
    • Visitors will no longer be required to have their temperature taken upon entering the courthouse. The touchless machine will still be available at a central location for those that wish to use it.
    • The previously filed Emergency Administrative Order, filed 05/04/2021, can be viewed here.  The most recent Jury Protocol Order, filed 03/22/2021, can be viewed here.
    • Drug testing will continue at this time, at the Adult Probation Department.  Please call 419-734-6893 daily, for instructions.
    • Civil Protection Orders and Civil Stalking Protection Orders (CPO’s) will continue to be heard in whatever manner the Judge or Magistrate hearing the case determines. Please call 419-734-6818 for further instructions.  For assistance in filing a CPO, contact the Ottawa County Victim’s Advocate at 419-734-3266 or contact the Prosecutor’s Office directly at 419-734-6845.  It is advised to call the day before you have a scheduled hearing to check on the status of the hearing.  The Domestic Relations Assignment Clerk can be reached at 419-734-6818.
    • All in person domestic relations and civil cases will be heard in the manner deemed most appropriate by the Judge or Magistrate. Parties are instructed to reference the Notice of Assignment for instructions.
    • Initial Appearances/Arraignments on Indictments, Bond Violations, or Probation Violations will continue to proceed by Zoom, if the Defendant is in custody. Initial Appearances/Arraignments on Indictments for Defendants not in custody will proceed in person with attorneys appearing by Zoom.
    • Defendants who are not in custody need to appear in person for Initial Appearances/Arraignments on Indictments, Bond Violations, or Probation Violations.
    • Final Pre-Trials, Plea Changes, Hearings on Merits, Sentencings, Dispositions, and evidentiary hearings will be held in person.
    • Jury trials are proceeding in person.
    • The Court reserves the right to determine to hear criminal issues, on a case-by-case basis, in the manner deemed most appropriate by the Judge or Magistrate.
    • Telephone status conferences and pre-trial matters will continue by phone.
    • The Court is working with the Ottawa County Sheriff to reduce jail population and allow for potential reduced staffing. GPS monitoring and house arrest are being utilized to enable the release some Defendants.  The Court has a responsibility to protect the community and the safety of the public. Any Victim of a Defendant will be contacted prior to any release.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Adult Probation Department at 419-734-6795.
    • For information from the Clerk of Courts for hours and procedures, please click here.