Welcome to the Ottawa County Court of Common Pleas Website.

What is the Common Pleas Court?
The Ottawa Court of Common Pleas is the trial court of general jurisdiction. The Court hears and decides serious criminal cases (felonies) for which possible punishment exceeds a year in prison as well as civil disputes. The Court has exclusive jurisdiction in civil cases where in the amount of money or damages exceeeds $15,000.

Civil Protection Petitions are also heard in this court.

The Ottawa County Common Pleas Court provides prompt, fair and just resolution of litigation in civil and criminal cases.  This website is our way of sharing information with you about our court.

We sincerely hope this information will help you to understand what we do and how your tax dollars are working for the citizens of Ottawa County.

Domestic Relations Division.
The Ottawa County Common Pleas Court also has a Domestic Relations Division. This division of the Court has jurisdiction over divorce, dissolution, alimony, child support, annulment and custody in family disputes.

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